Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles

I fell in love reading Miller’s Circe a couple months ago, and immediately knew The Song of Achilles had to be next. With such an amazing coincidence my book arrived just before I was about to leave for Greece and I had to take it with me for a better, heightened experience.

Such a beautifully written novel, such a touching love story, and yes, I think we were all supposing it, at least partly, reading the Illiad. Such an extraordinairly beautiful style and narration, very fitting to Greek heroes and myths. The story seems to flow, so naturally, so beautifully that it is easy to forget it is about war and mayhem, and of course, love.

The part that impressed me the most is how truly and authentically Ancient Greek it is. It appears to be written from an Ancient Greek standpoint, not a 21th century modern standpoint at all. The narrator switch, or better to say not a switch at all, from alive Patroclus to dead Patroclus. And according to mythical logic, Patroclus’ soul can not go to the Underworld, so it is not surprising at all that he could continue to be the narrator until he could finally cross the Styx. I was wondering where the story would go after his death, but this is a completely genius and a completely Greek solution.

„His tears fall, but I cannot wipe them away. This is my element now, the half-life of the unburied spirit.“

I don’t remember I have ever wanted so badly to find out what would happen next when I had already known how the Troyan war ended. Simply, beautiful!

Madeline Miller, please write a new novel quickly!

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